Perfect Turf®-PetGrass is unlike any other synthetic turf or artificial grass on the market.  Perfect Turf®-PetGrass is designed specifically for use with:

– Pet Resorts

– Dog Parks

– Condominium complexes

– Kennels

– Dog Runs

– Commercial properties

– Veterinarians

– Parkways

– Residential properties and more

Perfect Turf®-PetGrass is made with LIFE Materials anti-microbial agents to help eliminate odors and keep it clean. It cost less than other synthetic turfs made for dogs, yet it looks more like real grass. Perfect Turf®-PetGrass is available for material-only purchase or full installation through one of our approved installers throughout North America.

Parts of this web site will bring you to our parent company site,  Regardless of which of our web sites you are on, you can contact us toll-free at 888-SYN-TURF (888-796-8873) or via the Contact Us section of our web sites for fast, friendly quotes and information.

Contact Us for Details, there has never been a better time to buy PetGrass®!!!

As seen at The 2012 New Yorkie RunwayPet Fashion Show and the New Yorker Hotelcatering to guests for The WestminsterKennel Club’s 136th Annual Dog Show. Click here for more information.

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